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Scented diffusers are an effortless way to bring your favourite fragrances into your home. From the soothing scents of lavender, to the uplifting notes of lemon, find a diffuser to suit your home today.


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Scented Reed Diffusers to Fragrance Your Home

A scented reed diffuser is formed of a bottle of fragrant essential oils with wooden reeds inside. Our reed diffusers are packed full of 100% natural essential oils that not only help to scent your home but also work to boost your wellbeing too. 

With an understated design, this is a fuss-free way of easily scenting your space.  Once your reeds are placed into the scented diffuser, simply turn them over every couple of weeks. With our diffuser oil refills you can easily top up once it runs out too. They’re great for times when you want a non-electric and flameless way to switch up your aroma - such as in the bedroom as a soothing sleep diffuser to help you bank a Perfect Night’s Sleep.

Electric Diffusers for On-Demand Scent

Sometimes your space just needs a little boost, and that’s where uplifting electric diffusers come in. These scented diffusers (also known as our Wellbeing Pods) utilise a water tank, mixed with the diffuser oil blend of your choice to finely mist the room and provide scent. Or you can even try our waterless and wireless Wellbeing Pod Mini - a small portable diffuser where you screw in the essential oil blend jar without a water tank.

We have a range of electric scented diffusers to suit every home and need. From our larger Wellbeing Pod Luxe that looks chic placed on a bedside table or mantle piece and can keep your scent going for up to 12 hours. To the smallest or our Pod family - the Wellbeing Pod Mini that’s ideal for taking on the go and using as an essential oil car diffuser. This way you don’t have to leave your favourite scented diffuser at home and can experience the wellbeing benefits wherever you may be.

Choosing the Perfect Scent for Your Diffuser

The most important part in choosing a scented diffuser for your home is what it actually smells like of course. We have a range of expertly chosen scents that each address their own wellbeing needs. 

Those looking to relax will love placing our Complete Bliss Scented Diffuser in their bathroom. This bathroom diffuser boasts scents of Moroccan blush rose and lime to calm the senses. Whereas those wanting to start their day on a high note, will love our scent Feel Refreshed with zingy scents of lemon and basil.

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