Who We Are

We are an inclusive company with equality, diversity and fairness at the heart of our values.

Attitude is everything

Positive vibes and a glass-half-full mindset sets us up for success! And taking care of ourselves and others (with extra TLC on those tough days), helps us be the best version of ourselves - for our people, our communities and our planet.


We’re honest, and kind. We roll up our sleeves, get stuck in and help people out when the chips are down (and bring the biscuits/matcha/tequila – whatever). We celebrate differences and cheer each other on because together we can do anything.


We’re go-getting, flexible and have ambition in our DNA. We get things DONE and rarely take no for an answer, whilst living by the mantra… 80% and done is better than perfect!

Do Good, Feel Good

At NEOM, we love giving back to our communities, supporting them with our time and talent.‌We want everyone to be able to DO GOOD AND FEEL GOOD.

Since 2021 we have helped:

Autism Angels
Ukraine Aid
Preservation of local
wildlife park
Decorate a
local school


361 Volunteering hours
£80,766 Raised for the Mental Health ‌Foundation
 49,035 Products donated to the NHS, NGO’S & Charities