The Many Benefits Of Vanilla Essential Oil

Here’s why you’ll want to be lighting our NEW Hibernate Vanilla Scented Candle ASAP…  

The Many Benefits Of Vanilla Essential Oil

Derived from vanilla beans, vanilla is one of the most versatile spices in the world and has been used for decades in everything from aromatherapy and perfumery to cooking. When you first think of vanilla, delicious desserts and sweet-smelling perfumes may spring to mind, but did you know that vanilla essential oil can do wonders for your wellbeing too?

For that reason, you’ll find it expertly blended into our NEW Hibernate Vanilla Scented Candle. It’s the must-light candle for the colder months and the perfect companion for cosy afternoons and relaxing nights in. Trust us, you’ll be burning this one all winter long.

Like with every NEOM candle, it’s been hand-poured in the UK with 100% naturally derived wax and packed with 100% natural fragrance too. It’s super creamy and extra comforting thanks to a soothing and de-stressing blend of vanilla alongside patchouli, cedarwood, orange and sandalwood too.

With vanilla being the star of the show thanks to its incredible ability to switch up your mood, here’s everything you need to know about vanilla essential oil and why you’ll want to be lighting Hibernate ASAP…

1. It Can Help You To Feel Calmer

Vanilla essential oil has long been used to support relaxation and boost feelings of calm, and there’s a science to it. Research shows that vanilla type scents are effective in reducing feelings of anxiety in stressful situations. So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, light your Hibernate Candle and let the sweet and creamy aroma lull you into a state of relaxation. Bliss!

2. It Can Help With Feelings Of Tension

Not only can vanilla scents help relax the mind, but they can also help to reduce tension in the body too. In fact, research (like this study) found that vanilla scents can support relaxation by reducing heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension and improve wellbeing in the long term. The study also found that vanilla is more effective in inducing relaxation than other scents such as clementine. In need of a bit of time out? Soak away the day with a few drops of our new Magnesium Bath Milks in your tub and light our Hibernate Vanilla Scented Candle for a double dose of relaxation.

3. It Can Help To Boost Your Mood

The same study (which you can read here) that determined vanilla type scents a must-try when we’re in need of some R&R, also discovered its mood-boosting benefits when participants rated vanilla as not only helping them to relax but helping them to feel happier too.

What’s more, when vanilla is combined with woody patchouli and cedarwood (just like in our Hibernate Vanilla Scented Candle), both of which are well known for their grounding and stress-relieving properties, it creates a powerful blend that helps release tension AND uplift your mood.