The Very Best Scented Candle Gifts

Spark smiles (and a wellbeing boost) whatever the occasion with our collection of hand-poured candles...

The Very Best Scented Candle Gifts

You'd probably expect us to say this but Candles really do make for the perfect gift... because who doesn't love a scented candle? Great for marking just about any occasion, our collection of candles are all lovingly hand-poured with 100% naturally derived wax and expertly blended with 100% natural fragrance. Not only do they smell incredible but they're also packed with essential oils to help boost their wellbeing too. Unsure which to go for? Here's our expert guide... 


Scented Candles

Whilst we're big on choosing from our Candles based on their ability to help with sleep, stress, energy or their mood, we know the scent is also why so many of our community love them... 

The Best Floral Candle

If it's a floral scented candle gift you're after, Real Luxury should be your go-to. Packed with lavender and jasmine, it has a real spa-like scent that sets a lovely tone in any home. 

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The Best Citrus Candle

Zesty citrus candles really do brighten any space our Feel Refreshed one welcomes an energising blend of Sicilian lemon and fresh basil. 

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The Best Neroli Candle 

This mood-boosting favourite - Happiness welcomes an uplifting blend of neroli alongside mimosa and lemon and does just as you'd expect from the name. 

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Buying online and unable to pop into one of our Wellbeing Hubs? Fragrance expert Alice du Parcq has perfectly summed up each of our scents here - A Guide To What Each NEOM Candle Smells Like.


Looking to instead shop for a scented candle gift that will help with their wellbeing? Consider it sorted with these favourites... 


Sleep Candles

If you know they struggle to drift off at night, there's no going wrong with one of our dreamy sleep candles. With two signature sleepy scents to choose from, both work wonders for making their space a sanctuary for sleep. There's Perfect Night's Sleep with a blend of lavender, chamomile and patchouli or Bedtime Hero which is a fruitier blend of chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood for those not so keen on lavender scents.

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Calming Candles

Give the gift of calm vibes with our collection of de-stressing candles which are all home to soothing essential oils that can help them to unwind. Real Luxury is a forever favourite and consistent bestseller thanks to it's blend of lavender, sandalwood and jasmine or there's our super creamy vanilla scented one - Hibernate


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Mood Boosting Candles

If it's a candle that will help to lift their mood and bring a little joy to their day or night, head straight for our Happiness Candle. Home to a joyful blend of neroli, mimosa and lemon, it does just as you'd expect from the name and is one of our most gifted candles. 

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Wellbeing Candles

For a true wellbeing experience and a candle that's way more than just a candle, our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle is the gift of all gifts. Not only can you light and enjoy the scent but once blown out and cool, the melted wax makes for a super indulgent treat for the skin too. You can read more about this one here - A Step By Step Guide To Our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

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Candle Gift Sets

What's better than one candle? A few of course! Our Wellbeing Candle Trio welcomes three of our most loved candles that they can enjoy at different moments in their day... Happiness, Real Luxury and Perfect Night's Sleep. If it's a candle paired with some of our other heroes, try our Dreamy Sleep Duo which is the perfect recipe for a night in with our Wellbeing Soak Multi-Vitamin Bath Oil



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